Heather Kampf - A Day in My Life - Part Two



Heather Kampf, 3-time GNC Live Well Liberty Mile champion and 4-time USA 1 Mile Road Champion, has shared a “Day in the Life” picture blog to give you an idea of a typical day for her. Nicknamed “Queen of the Road Mile”, Heather will be at the GNC Live Well Liberty Mile Saturday, September 17 to defend her title. 

WORKOUT- ~11AM, I met my teammate Biya Simbassa (also running Liberty Mile!) for a warm up, and then I had 4 x (500-300-200m) with 1 min between reps, 3 min between sets, aiming for mile goal pace on down for the intervals. It was pretty dang windy on the back stretch but we got the job done!! 

(All my essentials for practice…spikes, flats, Nuun!)


CORE AND MORE with Dewey post-workout!!

LUNCH- Sandwich, carrots, (NOT PICTURED- grapes and cottage cheese…it just didn’t look as pretty as my sammich for photos!). 


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