Heather Kampf shares a Day In Her Life - Part One



Heather Kampf, 3-time GNC Live Well Liberty Mile champion and 4-time USA 1 Mile Road Champion, has shared a “Day in the Life” picture blog to give you an idea of a typical day for her. Nicknamed “Queen of the Road Mile”, Heather will be at the GNC Live Well Liberty Mile Saturday, September 17 to defend her title. 

6:30AM- Wake up, first things is always to take the pups, Ellie and Dewey for their morning walk around a park nearby


BREAKFAST- packed a smoothie for the road on the way down to practice. We make some pretty epic smoothies, this one ended up having spinach, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, OJ, bananas, and yogurt. (also not pictured, some life cereal for a bit of “crunch” to dump in there as I drink it!).

(I made enough to share with Ben, but Dewey thought it was for him…)

7:30AM- Drive to Apple Valley High School where I “co-head coach” the Girls Cross Country Team (practice starts at 8am). The girls had a hill workout, rocked it!

The girl in the suit in the middle had just arrived from giving a big presentation, so she was going to work out later but we still wanted to include her in the team shot!)


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