You (Yes, You) Can Run a Mile!

by Steffany Rubel
When it comes up in conversation that I'm a runner, the number one response is "I couldn't even run a mile". I hate to break it to you, but you totally can! You don't need to be fast, and you don't even need to run the whole thing. I guarantee you - you can finish a one mile race.

Think back to the Presidential Physical Fitness test you had to take in middle/high school gym class. You had to run a mile or you failed. That feeling of being forced to do something could really leave a bad taste in your mouth. You hated that the jocks would make it seem easy when you were trying really hard. Yep, we all have been there.

What if I told you that you can run a mile, and enjoy it? That's exactly what the GNC Live Well Liberty Mile is all about. With heats for the everyday runner, elites and even your dog, there is something for everyone. The race itself is only part of the experience.

I know, you haven't done any sort of running in years. That's alright! With the race only being a mile, you have tons of time to get ready. Here is how you can get ready to tackle the GNC Liberty Mile.

- Go to your local track and do four laps. That's a mile. You can totally do that! You can jog a lap then walk one. Build up to doing a full mile of just running. No time goals, just going and doing it.

- Drive a mile around your neighborhood. Start by walking it a few times then start running parts of it. As you get more comfortable, run a little more.

Once you feel up for the task, push yourself a little bit. Maybe have your third lap be a little faster than the others. Something to keep you moving.

Before you know it, it will be race day and you will be ready for the challenge. I believe in you, and you should believe in yourself. So take the challenge of running a mile, I will see you there!

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